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Make sure it's working properly. If a window displays prompting you to verify your identity, type the requested credentials. Nii et noored, mida sa kõik ootavad?? To use fingerprint, face, or iris authentication, the computer must support a fingerprint reader or infrared IR webcam. Current password field New password field Click Finish.

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Projektori ekraani pildiraami rakenduse silmatorkavad omadused: 1 Hämmastavad loomingulised raamid kohandamiseks. Nii et noored, mida sa kõik ootavad??

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Most HP notebook computers have this sensor on the right side of the computer. On the Windows Hello welcome screen, click Get started. Make sure your fingers are clean and dry.

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When prompted, press and lift only one finger on the fingerprint sensor. Follow the on-screen prompts to repeatedly press and lift your finger on the sensor.

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This helps the sensor to register your fingerprint completely. The PIN is your backup if fingerprint recognition is not available. The fingerprint reader is activated, and you can use your fingerprint to sign in to your device.

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Removing the fingerprint sign-in option Remove this option in the Fingerprint section of Windows Hello. Setting up face recognition Set up facial recognition to sign in to your computer.

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  • Windows Hello is a personal way to add extra security to sign in to your computer with just a look or a touch.

Look directly at the camera. Facial recognition fails if more than one face is detected.

If you wore glasses while setting up Windows Hello face recognition, select Improve recognition to go through the setup again without them. This helps the software recognize you with or without your glasses.

Setting up a fingerprint reader

Click Close to complete the process. Facial recognition is set up, and you can sign in by looking directly at your computer screen.

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Removing the facial recognition sign-in option Remove the facial recognition sign-in option. Solving problems with facial recognition After setting up facial recognition, Windows Hello Face Recognition does not work, the infrared IR camera does not turn on, the feature hangs, or one of the following error messages display: Sorry, something went wrong.

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