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Once at the station, you'll find left luggage in the basement. The consumption of rye bread helps to reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, malignant tumours, and above all, colon cancer. These days unfortunately, Estonians, especially young people and children, eat much less bread than before, regardless of the fact that black bread is beneficial to the metabolism of the human body and the variety of breads made in Estonia is quite extensive.

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Kadriorg Palace. Read our feature on Kadriorg area on p. June - July Tallinn is an exceptional place to visit any time of the year, but summer is certainly our favourite. In the warmer Europe In Your Pocket months this sleepy medieval-era village takes on a whole new energy.

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The cobblestone streets are filled with people from nations around the globe, the gigantic cruise ships crowd the port and the terraces of Old Town are blanketed with chatter and good cheer. Sitting at the 59th parallel, Tallinn experiences incredibly long summer days, the longest of which falls on June 23rd with about 19 hours of daylight.

Besides the breathtakingly beautiful Old Town, its Hanseatic buildings, intact fortifications, endless museums and sights - Tallinn is also home to a plethora of concerts, events and a seemingly endless amount of activities to partake in.

Skydiving, beach-going, boat tours, chocolate-making, are just some of the many interactive things to take part in during the summer. We have also included extended information on Kadriorg and Pirita in this edition.

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You can read more about these beautiful areas of Tallinn starting on p. Always remember that this is just a guide, we try our best to provide as accurate information as possible by print time. Our experiences may differ from your In Your Pocket is once again set to break new experiences and if you feel we were way off the mark, please do let us know.

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Fresh from bringing you the most up-to-date city guides around, we have recently gone Dutch with a move into the Netherlands. The photo, which echoes the Fat Burning Chef PDF you get when become a fan of In Your Pocket on Facebook fa- visiting Kadriorg, was expertly cebook.

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The brand name In Your tel. Sponsored listings are Pärn clearly marked as such. Printed Fat Burning Chef PDF Reusner, Tallinn Publisher OÜ Linnajuht We have made every effort to ensure Published six times per year Cover Photo: Küllike Johannson- the accuracy of the information at the 9, - 12, copies Singer © time of going to press and assume no responsibility for changes and errors.

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Tallinn In Your Pocket tallinn. By bus Buses arrive at the bus station autobussijaamH-4just off the main highway from Tartu, but Eurolines passengers coming in from Riga or Vilnius should strongly consider hopping off at the much more central Viru väljak stop ask other passengers whererather than continuing on to the bus station itself. Once at the station, you'll find left luggage in the basement. The cash-only currency exchange takes all major currencies, including Russian roubles, but gives appallingly bad rates.

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The ATM by the main entrance is probably a better bet. Getting to town The city centre is just 1km away, down Juh- kentali tänav from behind the station. Buses N°17A, 23 and 23A View of Toompea from Schnelli park C-1 leave directly from the coach area near platform 1, heading to Vabaduse väljak 4th stop in the centre, while trams N°2 and 4 By ship run from nearby Tartu maantee to Viru väljak 4th stopalso in Most ferries Fat Burning Chef PDF catamarans arrive at the Passenger Port the centre.

A taxi to Old Town should cost about 90kr. Left Luggage and a helpful tourist information booth can be found in the main By car hall of terminal A. Exchange offices are plentiful but not always economical. ATMs are just as easy to find. Terminal Crossing the border from Latvia is completely hassle-free now D, located just across the small neck of water, has similar that the Baltics belong to Schengen.

Getting over the border services, but no tourist information.

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Lindaline's boats arrive from Russia will take quite a bit longer. In both cases, be sure at the neighbouring Linnahall Speedboat Harbour, where a to bring your car's registration papers and a valid insurance currency exchange booth is open whenever boats are arriv- policy, such as the international green card.

You can also buy ing. Rates here are decent.

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For fares and regulations on bringing a car by ship should cover the short ride to town for kr. By train By plane Arriving by train at Tallinn's Balti Jaam B-1 puts you just a Tallinn's airport may be a super-modern affair, but it's so small couple hundred metres from the walls of Old Town.

Since you're never in danger of getting lost. Once past the luggage re- renovations the station itself is no longer a Soviet-era relic ceiving area, you'll find ATMs and currency exchange in the cen- and now includes a nice restaurant and even a day spa, in tre of the hall; toilets and car rental offices are downstairs.

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Left luggage is in the back of the main hall, just off the breezeway that leads to Getting to town A taxi from the airport Naljakas kaalulangus koomiksid cost roughly the platforms. The exchange booth across from left luggage kr.

The more frugal can take bus N°2, which leaves every offers decent rates on all Scandinavian, Baltic and Russian 20 - 30 minutes from in front of the arrivals hall, to the centre currencies. ATMs are just next to the front doors.

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A ticket from Voimalused rasva eemaldamiseks kohus driver costs 25kr, and the ride Getting to town Just cross the street at the underpass and takes nine minutes.

Avoid the taxis that wait here.

The book was written and printed within the project Food and health with the support of the Ministry of Rural Affairs. Leivavili rukis ning rukkileib on Eestimaal olnud sajandeid olulisel kohal. Leib on püha ning leivategu kätkeb endas kombeid ja uskumusi, millele toetutakse leiva valmistamisel ka tänapäeval.