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For trekking and extensive walking sessions in Goa and when it starts to rain out of nowhere in that city, do not forget mobile and camera covers, medium size carryable bags and hats, omg I can not emphasize how much hats can elevate your summer trip outfits from 0 to So, all you need to throw in your trip bag are some shorts of different colors, different colored shoes and some shirts in different colors — because summer is all about colors, with some footwear and accessories to keep you checked in style.

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Our designer recommends using an excellent advantage of tailor-made outfits, whenever it is possible. With a made-to-measure piece, we are using your measurements and taking into account all nuances of your figure which results in comfortable garments that are made specially for you.

It is not only the comfort you will get but ideal fit as well. For who?

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Made-to-measure is a definite must be for those, who have not standard body-shape, but also for those who want perfect fit in their garments. How long does it take?


When ordering made-to-measure garments Keha rasva kaotuse menuu ask a little patience, because the process can take several weeks to finalize your piece.

We promise that the item is definitely worth waiting for. The service is a well worth investment if you want to ensure the perfect fit! How do we do it?

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We take needed measurements depending Slim Down Outfits the item the client wants to acquire. We either take those physically in Marimo Boutique or we send guide-chart for our online clients to get back to us with needed measurements. Slim Down Outfits made-to-measure process is very fundamental and includes several fittings.

Oma imeilusate randade, suurepäraste kohvikute ja restoranide ranna ääres, linnades, kus toimub peoõhtu ja külmavärin, on see olnud India ja ka turistide jaoks kõige puhkavam puhkekoht. Puhkuse eesmärk on lõõgastuda ja lõbutseda ning ka oma Instagrami pommitamine kõigi reisi esteetiliste vaadete ja igapäevase stiilse ootamise, mis on reisi põhiosa, jaoks. Mis mõte on minna Goasse puhkusele, kui teie Instagram pole mõne lõbusa rannapildiga täidetud?

Usually at least 3 to ensure the piece is fitting perfectly. We also carry out fittings on an adjustable mannequin and a living model with the same measurements as the client. By combining different fitting types, we guarantee premium standards!

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Our mastery and expertise ensure that pieces will fit flawlessly and will make you feel very elegant and beautiful! It will be handmade to your exact specifications in our atelier.

The garment can be from our ready-to-wear collection with alterations or something totally new.

Even the smallest detail will be designed and made to your specifications. Our designer will guide you through every step during the process, starting by drawing sketches for you and the whole atelier team to ensure the same understanding of the piece as we construct and work on it.

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Your dream piece will be made from the fabric of your choice. In our Marimo Boutique, we have fabric catalogues from England and Italy that provide us with the best quality fabrics.

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This way ensures the right choice as you can see the actual colour and feel the fabric. The designer will recommend a fabric that will work the best for the garment considering its details but in the end, the final decision will always be yours.

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