Ferratum tegutseb 25 riigis ja me toome Sinuni nende 25 riigi jõulutoitude nimekirja.

Sometimes your inner curiosity just takes you much further than any advice ever would. In Ferratum you have the opportunity to blend work and personal life perfectly without having to make sacrifices. This job has changed me and my perspectives about foreign people in general and also about the countries they are from. Ferratum tegutseb 25 riigis ja me toome Sinuni nende 25 riigi jõulutoitude nimekirja. Koostöös Ferratumi HR osakonnaga leidsime just õige läbilõike inimestest, et tabada erinevaid sihtgruppe. Meie nägemus hõlmas endast uut brandi nimega Ferratum Life. It ticked every box and it was everything I had looked for in a job, and even in an industry that really interested me. Ferratum Bank employer brandingKlient: Ferratum Bank Projekt: Employer Branding videodIga eduka ettevõte taga on inimesed. Thats why you have to own the hardship to be a winner. It gives a feeling like you have seen the world a lot more than you actually have and that the whole of Europe has been brought together into one place. Parimat talenti on raske värvata, eriti panganduses ja sotsiaalse pinnaga kiirlaenuäris.

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. kliendi ning kontorites töötab sadu pühendunud professionaale. I have the opportunity and responsibility to challenge myself on daily basis in Ferratum and I wouldn't change it for anything. Since day one we are impoving things as we go.

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. Enjoy life in its fullest. Ferratum is a very result driven company, this is where our passions meet.Siin on mõned lühikokkuvõtted Often it’s quite irrelevant to list single accomplishments, because it’s just as important to name who you accomplished it with. Trust is what makes the team work well and together. Being family oriented is something I value a lot and feel proud of. One was like it was made for me. It's unique and overwhelming at the same time. Go in-depth to really understand the game and stretch your limits. Ferratum tegutseb 25 riigis ja me toome Sinuni nende 25 riigi jõulutoitude nimekirja. That’s why you need to Live in the moment. It’s like riding a bike - One day you're in low gear and the other you might have to switch to high. I think that's the beauty of digital banking. What I love is process and strategy.

SMS laen ilma konto väljavõtteta laenupunkt. That means a lot - never having to miss out anything and am always be there Devote yourself to what you do. If they appreciate you, that’s the best measure. They are what really matters and whose opinions you really care about. We put on different hats from time to time, often jumping in and helping each other out to achieve our goals. Kids are the perfect example, as they always focus on the present not the past or the future. Siin tuligi Ferratumile appi concept. And that attitude is something that I feel is well rsupported here at Ferratum. See bränd toob esile ettevõtte pehmed väärtused, näitab ettevõtte nägu ja sisu nii tööjõuturul, kui potentsiaalsele investorile. In some sense this is something I try to do as well. Kontseptsioon oli võtta fookusesse indiviid - Ferratumi töötaja. It all boils down to the people. That day I got two job offers at once. Sma laenud SMS laenu firma loomine. I think whatever you do, if you decide to do it, you need to give it your full effort and do it well. I’ve had the joy of working in so many good teams where I still have friends from. You never know where your next opportunity may arise. You’ve done something right.Vaata edasi, et näha veel videoid Things can change in a minute