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you can even use desiccated coconut or grated dry copra instead of fresh coconut. rava ladoo is a popular indian sweet made during festivals. you can even call rava ladoo as sweet semolina balls.this rava laddu is maharashtrian style of making rava laddu and one which i learnt from my aunt. so for festive occasions like diwali, this rava laddoo recipe is apt as it can be easily made in less time.this rava laddu recipe does not go into the consistency of sugar syrup.

keep them airtight in a steel box and refrigerate them. since there is no sugar syrup used in these ladoo, the recipe is not only easy but foolproof too. so to roast rava like a pro, you don’t need to be a master chef. Raha laenu.

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. with sugar consistencies, things can go wrong and you may get ladoo that can be brittle or hard. firstly use a nice heavy pan or kadai. after all you don’t want half-cooked, half-raw rava granules in the ladoo which can give you stomach problems later. if you use desiccated coconut, then the shelf life will be more and you can keep the laddu at room temperature.few more delicious sweets recipes that you can make for festivals like diwali are:. Enne laenulepingu sõlmimist tutvu hoolikalt lepingutingimustega ja vajadusel pea nõu meie spetsialistiga. coconut can be skipped too. yes you can feel the aroma in your kitchen. Suured kiirlaenud suuremateks kulutusteks. ghee is the binding ingredient in most ladoo recipes. you can easily roast rava very well, even if you are roasting it for the first time. the recipe also does not take much time to make. so it is very important that you roast rava like a pro.

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. Krediit 5000 eur SMS laenu pakkujad. reason being coconut oil solidifies on cooling and this helps in binding the laddus. the foremost sign that the rava has roasted will be its aroma.

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. the second sign will be that the rava granules will look separated and dry – like a crumbly mixture which is loose and light. this means that the rava has become hot. even a beginner can make these laddu easily.in the rava laddu recipe i have added fresh coconut. i am sharing below a few tips and faqs to make really awesome rava laddus at home.tips for roasting rava to make rava ladooundeniably rava or sooji is the main ingredient in this ladoo recipe. the residue heat from the pan will further cook the rava a bit. the third sign is that you will see steam coming from the rava. you have to stir initially a few times but later non-stop when the rava becomes hot. also refrigerate the rava ladoo once you have made them.

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. later keep the pan on your kitchen counter