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Vivian is now pregnant with their child, and tries to seduce Victor who doesn't fall for her tricks. Vivian tries to have Andre get Chad to back off when he finds out that Chad has hired John to snoop into their business. Chloe is uncomfortable with killing Carly, but Vivian convinces her that it is the only way. After Victor leaves her for Kate Roberts, Vivian sets out to destroy Carly Manning. Vivian moves out of the mansion temporarily when Phillip tells Victor that he will not return with Melanie while Vivian is there. Bo interrogates Vivian to no avail. Vivian and Stefan are revealed to be playing Andre while he remains unaware of it. That seduction fails though when Vivian flashes Victor, and he screams “Oh My God! My Eyes!”. Victor scolds Vivian for defying him and threatens to turn her over to the police if Melanie dies. She opens the bag that has a tux in it. Bo goes to Vivian and threatens to kill her, even if it means jail time, in order to protect Carly. Carly learns Vivian is the one killing off her patients, and sets out to prove it. Her trusty assistant, Gus, gets cold feet and quits. Vivian encounters Abby wearing a dark haired wig, and calling herself “Gabby”. She meets Steven "Jonesy" Jones, an elderly man whom she thinks is wealthy, but is merely a caretaker for Stefano DiMera. He threatens to end the marriage and make her life very difficult if anything happens to Carly. Melanie lives and Victor warns her that he will hand the police the evidence against her if she makes another attempt on Melanie. Stefan diffuses the situation and explains to Vivian that Abby has DID and that Gabby was the one who killed Andre, though it is later revealed Abby is the one that killed Andre and that caused the altar’s to appear. At the same time, Vivian comes to in a dark and dingy room. She soon returns, however, and makes a deal with Carly. She inherits his belongings, which makes Stefano romance her in order to get his possessions back. Victor Kiriakis, her old flame and a fellow adversary of Carly, invites Vivian to live in his mansion and offers to help her in her vengeful scheme. Stefan had the security footage of him and Vivian entering Andre’s office, so they could not be blamed for the murder, but that only makes Chad and Kate even more suspicious.

Vivian gives birth to Philip Kiriakis, and Kate tries everything to get custody. Stunned and confused, Vivian ends up angering Gabby to the point where she tries to attack her with a fire poker. Carly develops a drug addiction to Vivian's delight, however Quinn helps Carly through it and Vivian disowns him. Victor frees Maggie and plans for Vivian to be arrested but Brady decides she deserves to be free. Vivian, meanwhile, is on her honeymoon and Victor notices her preoccupation. With the help of her new manservant and henchman Gus, Vivian learns that Carly's daughter is Melanie Layton, who is engaged to Victor's son Phillip. However, gun residue is found to be on Kate’s hands as well. Vivian rushes to the hospital when she finds out Stefan was there after Chad nearly beat him to death. Carly follows with Hope's gun and is about to shoot Vivian but Melanie steps in front of Vivian and is shot and fall into a coma. Later, It’s revealed that Vivian and Andre are secretly working together. Brady ends up interring Vivian in the sarcophagus rather than Maggie, to Vivian's horror. She texts Vivian, calling her to the warehouse. Vivian is arrested and put in Pine Haven Sanitarium. Later, someone helps Vivian put on her necklace and drape a cloak over her shoulders. Vivian laen. Carly attacks Gus and steals his phone. Gus holds Carly hostage in a warehouse where she will watch her daughter's death. Vivian and Gus are then dropped on an island but Brady rescues them in June. Vivian, however, discovers that Chloe was in the elevator and has survived. With her henchmen, Gus, she may be able to pull it off, but Melanie thinks Maggie is leaving town.

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. Vivian gets overly confident, and, hence, sloppy in the final stages of her plan. She marries him after a brief romance, and he dies on their wedding night after making love to her. Vivian becomes worried as Stefan and Gabby get closer, and refuses to let Stefan run away with Gabby, so Stefan locks Vivian in Gabby’s hideout where Kate and Marlena Evans are already locked up. Chloe offers to have Vivian tossed out, but Vivian says they won’t meet her plus one, and says he has the same blood flowing through his veins as Chad and Andre. Vivian makes her way to the New Years Eve party, arriving after midnight, and revealing herself to the shocked guests. Laen ilma palgatõendita vs laenud ilma konto väljavõtteta – mis on erinevus?. Vivian marries Victor for business purposes, but the marriage is short lived. Phillip and Daniel Jonas, who has recently learned that he is Melanie's father, also threaten Vivian. Vivian is freed by Gus and they entomb Maggie. She arranges for someone else to take the fall for her nephew's killing, however, as she wants to deal with Carly personally. She learns, however, that Carly has been threatening to ruin Chloe Lane's relationship with Daniel due to an affair Chloe had with Phillip. The dazed Melanie tells Vivian to kill her, and reveals her tormented childhood to Vivian. Stefan and Vivian were in Andre’s office the night he was murdered, but it was after Andre was already dead. She begins to target Carly's patients, by injecting them with cleaning fluids. He encourages Kate to come clean about what really happened with Vivian. Vivian stops taking her herbs, and realizes what she is doing is crazy, and with the help of Lawrence she digs Carly up. Vivian is taking herbal pills from Dr. She helps with the wedding and poisons a comb that she gives Melanie to wear on her wedding day. We discover that Vivian had an affair years ago and has a son Quinn, who is a pimp. Ferratum Estonia. Andre went with Vivian, and the DNA test came back with Stefan having DiMera DNA. They travel around the world, and live off Ivan's lottery winnings. Gus is arrested and questioned by Bo and Hope, but does not give up his mistress and is released. Victor discovered Vivian's scheme and switched the poisoned comb with a safe one. Vivian pulls a gun on Kate, but Kate manages to grab the gun and they struggle over the gun. There, Vivian reveals that Abby has DID and that she is the one who killed Andre Kate refuses to believe it, but Marlena already knows Abby has DID and thinks murdering someone she loved could cause her to split. Vivian laen. Vivian greets Kate, Abby, Chad, and Andre. The police begin to investigate Carly for murder. Leo leaves, and Kate declares that she can now send Vivian to prison, and get her out of her life for good. Kate admits the offer is tempting, but refuses to work with Vivian. Wu, which makes her loopy. The plane crashes, but Kate lives although they can't find her body. Her evil plan is similar to Carly's but putting her in a sarcophagus and try to bury her alive. Vivian gets shot and later appears to die in the hospital with Stefan vowing revenge on Kate, who claims the gun went off. Vivian gives Carly a serum that gives her a deathlike paralysis. She begins to look for alternative methods to cure Victor after he suffers a stroke. Vivian is married to Victor in a somber ceremony, both Victor and the attending guests are bitter and cynical about the bizarre proceedings. He implants a device in her tooth allowing him to control her moods. Vivian tries to convince Kate to team up with her, so they can finally take Victor down for good. Victor, who does not want Bo in jail or Vivian dead, offers to marry Vivian if she will stop her vendetta, and she agrees. Later, Vivian is given a mysterious injection in been neck. The next morning, Andre is murdered and his family blames Vivian and Stefan for it. Andre is forced to fire Gabi and steal GabiChic from her, so DiMera Enterprises could thrive and get all the profits. Kate interrogates Leo about Vivian’s plot to have him frame Sonny for sexual harassment. She is determined to take over Alamain corporations, but is foiled when John Black inherits them. Vivian ignores him and befriends Melanie. A crazed Vivian gives Carly a strong dose of morphine to put her in a very deep sleep. Brady happens upon her plan and discovers what Vivian has planned and that she has deposited his mother's remains in a pet cemetery.. Victor later divorces Vivian, and Vivian takes comfort in Rudolfo. On New Years Eve, Vivian is in her room at the Salem Inn. Vivian and Carly are both arrested after Hope's statement implicates Vivian. Melanie, angry at finding out that Carly is the mother who gave her up, does not help and is hateful towards Carly, to Vivian's delight. Vivian resolves to find the now grown child, and kill her in order to hurt Carly as revenge for Lawrence's death. They are rescued by John, Paul, and Hope. Vivian, nevertheless, makes another attempt on her life, but Melanie wakes as Vivian is about to suffocate her in her hospital bed. Vivian looks to be rich, and powerful, so she pursues wealthy crime lord, Victor Kiriakis. Quinn is blackmailing Chloe into becoming a prostitute but no one besides Chloe and Taylor knows what his occupation is.

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. Vivian announces the arrivals of “Stefano DiMera”. She also brings up Kate’s plot with Leo. She and Victor make love, after they can't find Kate's body. Once Victor recovers, he returns to Kate. Carly is pronounced dead, and Vivian buries Carly alive in a coffin, built with a low oxygen supply, and little water. Vivian is released, and sets her sights on destroying Kate and Victor's marriage. Kate then reveals to Vivian that she knows that Andre was feeding her and Stefan inside information to take over DiMera, and declared that she would take what she knows to the board. Kate flashes back to how she had wrestled the gun away from Vivian, and then shot her in cold blood. Stefan was fine with it, and stayed with Chad and Abby while Kate, Andre, and Vivian went to the hospital. Vivian offers her support to Chloe in dealing with Carly. Hope arrives and stops Carly from killing Vivian by revealing that Melanie is fine. A vision of Lawrence encourages her in this scheme. When the time comes, however, Chloe attempts to stop the killing several times, finally pushing Carly from the elevator and ending up being dropped herself when the cable malfunctions.

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. Kate returns, and wants custody of Philip, and gets it. Vivian is not pleased, and threatens to kill Carly, and continues to torment her, even in spite of Bo's warning to leave her alone. So, Vivian hires a man named Leo to seduce Sonny, and get a job at TITAN. The next day, Vivian and Stefan arrived at the mansion where another DNA test was demanded. He gives her the townhouse and money in exchange for her silence. Hope, however, brings Melanie around, and as Carly is about to be sentenced, Melanie exonerates her by telling the judge that the shooting was an accident. Vivian is moved and relents. She will leave Carly and her loved ones alone if Carly will plead guilty to shooting Melanie. Vivian arrives and is attacked by Carly, but Hope has discovered Vivian's plot also. Vivian says Leo refused to help her, but then Leo shows up after Vivian had text him. Vivian also tricked Victor into marrying her by replacing Kate during the wedding rehearsal and made it the real deal. Months later, Vivian and Quinn reconcile and Vivian's side-kick, Gus frames Quinn for a series of assaults on prostitutes when in reality, he is the culprit. If Melanie lives however, he will get her off and ensure that Carly is sent to prison for the shooting. She tells the vision of Lawrence that she refuses to kill the young woman and, with Victor's encouragement, she focuses on Carly. At first he doesn't get along with Vivian because she abandoned him but he soon turns around and agrees to give his mother a second chance much to Gus's dismay. Vivian attempts to proposition Victor into joining TITAN with DiMera Enterprises, and even tries to seduce him. She finds out that Kate can't produce a male heir, so she steals and has herself implanted with Kate and Victor’s fertilized egg. The door opens and Vivian recongnizes her visitor. Now, Vivian wants to get rid of Maggie, whom she thinks Victor has eyes on. When Kate finds out, Vivian drugs Kate's coffee, but the coffee is given to the pilot of a plane Kate is on. Vivian receives bad news when she learns she is fired from Titan. Vivian leaves Salem with her sidekick Ivan to get a fresh start. Vivian returns to the wedding at the Kiriakis mansion and lures Melanie to the rooftop terrace to hurl her off. She vows to punish Chloe for failing to kill Carly. Vivian heads to the mansion where she hears Kate talking to Stefano’s portrait, and taunts her that talking to ghosts is a sign of mental ill. Though Vivian is upset that Chad attacked Stefan, she also feels he somewhat deserved it for locking her up like that. After they are married, she discovers what he did and files for divorce. The women start to run out of air and all pass out.

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. She discovers that Carly had an illegitimate child, the result of an affair, and that Lawrence had forced her to give up the child. Hope begins to cuff Vivian and arrest her, but Gus awakens behind a stack of crates and topples them onto Hope and Carly. Wilhelm Rolf had been responsible for her revival among others. Vivian gives Chloe the number of one of her past henchmen and tells Chloe to ensure that Carly is in an elevator at the hospital when the henchman instructs. The DiMera’s doubt the validity of Vivian’s claims, so Vivian hands then a DNA test that satisfied the board of directors at DiMera as Stefan got himself installed as CEO. Victor has hidden all evidence pointing to Vivian's involvement and she is freed. Chloe, however, turns to Vivian for help. Sonny breaks up with Leo when he finds out Leo will be working for him, but Vivian encourages Leo to get back into Sonny’s bed, presumably damaging TITAN by creating a scandal